360°Immersive video content

At Londen Productions, we are committed to staying true to our vision of being consummate filmmakers. That is exactly why we have been creating 360° Immersive video content in the VR Space. Imagine the impact of video content when you’re shooting in 360°. We utilize the latest technology within the VR Content video production space to achieve this on location shooting style. Completing our stitching with Kolor and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Bill and Haley are the proud owners of (8) 4K GoPro’s.

Now, something you need to know is, shooting 360° Video Production is not like shooting regular video content. It has its own set of rules and considerations you can film on land and underwater. Simply put, it means you can see everything that is in the view of the camera. For the purposes of maintaining the integrity of the frame we use a custom 360Hero housing rig.

This allows us to capture the extraordinary quality of our 360° VR Content without compromising the integrity of the shot. We start off our 360° Video Production process by drafting an outlined script geared towards specific VR Content production goals. Then, our team captures cinematic style content with our 4K industry standard equipment. 4K Video Production equipment allows for a significantly sharper video resolution and the highest level of immersive video production technology.

Our VR Content projects then come alive in the editing bay, where we implement music, graphics, logos, and voiceover that can be implemented on various social media platforms. All these steps combine to communicate your projects message effectively. Bill & Haley Londen would love to be a part of your next 360° Video Production! If you’d like to share more details about your upcoming project, please give us a call or send us an email.