Animation Services

We are equipped to cover all the bases of your Video Production needs, including Professional Animation Services. Whether it’s Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, and/or Whiteboard Animation services you seek, we are here to create. Animation brings energy to a Video Production project! Whiteboard Animation is the process where you create video content of an author physically drawing. This process is then recorded, and the illustrated story is told using a whiteboard. Often the technique of stop motion animation is integrated to enhance the hand drawn character or text illustrations. This is a fantastic service for any Corporate Video Production, Commercial Video Shoot or, to be incorporated within a YouTube video marketing strategy. The first step to the Animation Production process is drafting an outlined script and story board geared towards the specific Animated Content production goals. Our Animation projects literally come alive in the editing bay, all these steps combine to communicate your Animated production message effectively.

Bill & Haley Londen would love to be a part of your next Animation project! If you’d like to share more details about your upcoming project, please give us a call or send us an email.