If you’re here in beautiful Southern California, then you’ve probably found yourself taking that amazing panoramic photo of an epic sunset. Have you also found yourself wondering how to achieve the bigger picture when it comes to video production? Really looking to explore all the angles in the vivid landscape of life? We offer 360° Immersive video production! There is also a way to create that landscape for your corporate video productions. Londen Productions, a Full Services Commercial Video Production and Film Company based in Dana Point, CA continues to expand their client’s productions. This absolutely includes diving into 360° Immersive video production for the VR space! This is video production from all the angles and the latest trend in video today! Bill and Haley Londen, the founders of Londen Productions wanted to take a few moments to share some awesome info about these latest video production musts!

Let’s start here, take a moment and think, how much do you feel that digital video production has become a part of your everyday life?  Here’s the truth, the average person finds themselves watching at least an hour of digital video content per day. Whether this is scrolling thru the feeds on FaceBook, diving into your favorite YouTube channel or the latest GoPro Vlog. The word is out that with 360° Immersive video production, digital video will take us away from our TV’s!

360° video went from being the new kid on the block, to being considered the go-to medium for some big-time audiences! We’re talking about sectors including education, social media, and entertainment. Technology is moving so fast! Just since 2015, the number of active VR users has more than doubled! 360 Interactive VR-Videos are a true paradigm shift in video production.

We’re talking about a media revolution:

Not only are VR-Ready 360-degree videos becoming a mainstream medium, but it is also proving itself to be a revolutionary marketing tool. The truth is, as technologies continue to advance, if you are not able or willing to adopt the new into your marketing you’ll quickly be left behind. Whether it’s VR content for your personal use or to rock your business, becoming a part of a growing platform will have a benefit. We have clearly already whiteness how fast the 360-degree VR-Ready video platform is growing.

Making content exciting, presenting all the angles:

Another reason why this is the best time to get into 360-degree VR-ready videos is simple, it’s the most exciting platform to present content….no contest! Several million people are currently active on some form of virtual reality headsets. Since it is a relatively new platform, there simply isn’t enough content there. Not only that, but several content categories are left completely untouched due to lack of VR content providers. So, creating corporate video productions within VR-Ready video content will essentially unlock the door to an almost-untapped market.

Talking about loyal customers and viewers:

Since we’re clear there is simply a shortage of VR content providers, becoming one today will guaranty you an impact and popularity unlike anything that we’ve seen from traditional video production content. Certainly, this is not the only plus to adopting VR content, another huge advantage of producing 360-degree and VR videos is that your customers and viewers will be very loyal to you. Curious as to why? The answer is simple, VR users today already have a lack of quality content providers. When you provide quality content in a genre where there is no competition, your viewers will only have you to follow.

So, if you are ready to take the plunge into this amazing next level video production trend. Bill and Haley Londen are here to support. Feel invited to reach out and share your video production wish list with us!

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