The stats are IN! It’s certainly time for your company to get their drone on! Londen Productions, a Full Services Corporate Video Production and Film Company based in Dana Point, CA has brought corporate video production trends to the skies! The founders of Londen Productions, Bill and Haley Londen have been having a blast creating breathtaking aerial and drone video productions for their wide variety of clients! Here are a few elements that will really support you in exploring aerial and drone video production services for you upcoming projects!

Some fun facts: compared to conventional advertising means, customers and potential clients are 60–70% more likely to purchase your products and services when they are targeted through unique video marketing strategies. Currently, Facebook allows for the purchase of video ads, Twitter launched video auto-plays, and stories are going viral shortly after being shared. So, why is that?

If you had the option to watch a 1-minute video on a local story, or grab a newspaper and read a 1/2-page article, which would you choose? 9 out of 10 people will choose the video every time! Why? Not only is video production a time saver but, watching a video is simply more alive and engaging!  So, why not provide the same stimulating video production content for your clients? Now, let’s take question to the next level. Since that stats have been “in” for a while, regular video production is still better than no video production, but aerial video production is miles above those…. literally! Prior to 2012, aerial video production was only available from a helicopter, airplane, or hot air balloon. In 2015, drone video production was reinvented with advancements of aerial drones. These drones were now capable of producing 4k video and 12mp still photos, now it was possible to create the same great content of flying high in an airplane without having to charter a flight! Aerial drones are now the latest way to market your product or company showcasing all the angles.

Since aerial drones are still so new in the video production industry, many companies are not taking advantage of them yet. Here’s the truth as to why so many companies such be saying yes to aerial video production. Being unique is what separates profitable companies from stagnant ones. For example, you have a massive furniture retail store and you want to portray all your products in a 30 second commercial. Doing this from fixed points on a ladder will work but it’s far less fun than showcasing those products from the air! Now, imaging this same retail store commercial, but with indoor aerial video flying over all the product, showcasing it like a museum. Views and angles that capture the attention of your audience and make them want to come into the store to see your selection. That is the power of aerial video production. That is the power of drones.

So how do you get your drone on? Aerial video production is the next wave of marketing for your business and products. We are here to help you take flight with your video marketing! Londen Productions would love to talk to you about how we can integrate our aerial video production services into your companies marketing plan! Feel invited to reach out to Bill and Haley Londen for a conversation about your upcoming project us: (949) 481-7190 Email us: Tag: drone video productiondrone video production in orange countyvideo production firmvideo production firm in orange countyvideo production orange countyvideo production san clemente

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