Now is the time to get Social! Londen Productions, a Full Services Corporate Video Production and Film Company based in Dana Point, CA is on the cutting edge of corporate video production trends. The founders of Londen Productions, Bill and Haley Londen have found some key ingredients that will have your Social Media followers hitting the like button for sure!

Compelling Corporate Video being shared on social media is like free advertising! Grab your audience’s attention and you’ll receive comments, discussions and people sharing about your business. You’re getting your customers to do your marketing for you! These days, many consumers base purchases on recommendations from friends, which is why online reviews have become a key influencer of sales.

We know you may be asking yourself- how can you create a video, add the word corporate to it and have that video be interesting…but, we assure you it can be done! Your Corporate Video Production can now be as exciting and fun as watching your favorite cat videos.

It’s seems to be no secret that Millennials gravitate towards the likes of Instagram and Facebook. However, it’s important to remember that today an estimated 73 percent of all adults use at least one form of social media and have found that video production is the most engaged form of social media posts being shared around by millions a day.

Also, some of the best content that people hit the like button for on social media is also the type they can get value from — and we don’t mean in terms of selling them a product or a service. As a company using social media as a marketing tool, you want to entertain, or teach them something they did not know before. For instance, think of something interesting and quirky, such as interviewing experts in your industry or promoting your product in an unusual way. A winning corporate video production is organic and authentic.

Here are a few items to consider when creating a corporate video production where they hit the like button:

  • Make it fun: Add some laughter to your corporate video production. We find that the best – and quirkiest — ideas often arise out of silly work banter.
  • Be authentic but keep the quality: many people think that because they are authentic, they can sacrifice quality. Here’s the thing, shooting videos on your phone may seem “real”, but the grainy quality can often look unprofessional. Always make sure you mix spontaneity with a professional equipment and proper editing.
  • Client first: Think about what your client wants to see, what will provide value, not just what you want to sell them.
  • Pick your social media channel:With corporate video production it is important to take the mystery out of your social media presence. There are specific differences between social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, for example, require different types of video production. It may be a win for you to have several variations of your production and then change things up in the editing process.

When it is all said and done, it is also important to make sure your corporate video production is in line with your brand’s culture. You can have it all. You can use social media as a window into your companies’ culture and boost your social media presence while also keeping your audiences engaged. Go for it…. hit the like button!

Looking for some expert support with you next corporate video production? Feel invited to reach out to Bill and Haley Londen for a conversation about your upcoming project! 

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