Our Team

BILL LONDEN – Founder & Director
Phone: (562) 881-9817

As a lifelong musician and dedicated filmmaker, I am proud to be a reputable professional in the video production industry.  Working in the content marketing and traditional advertising space since the beginning of my career, I have had the opportunity to work with clients in aerospace, healthcare, real estate, television studios, non-profits, food & beverage, finance, and education all of whom have benefited from my production services.  My goal with every project is to constantly refine my craft – learning new techniques to make our work both aesthetically compelling and commercially effective for our clients.

HALEY LONDEN – Partner & Producer
Phone: (760) 622-1776

Working in various countries across the world, I have an extensive and award winning domestic and international documentary background.  I have made films in Poland, Germany, Ghana, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Washington DC, and my favorite – California. I also have experience with production management for large-scale projects from when I worked at a subsidiary of NBC Sports.  Overall, I consider myself to be a talented and knowledgeable video producer, striving to make your projects creative and meet your goals. Working with our clients closely on projects, allows us to thrive together in the Video Production process.

Our Specialties