Hi, I am Haley Londen. I work behind the scenes at Londen Productions helping to make your projects come alive through creative writing, filmmaking collaboration and editing craftsmanship.
It has been a long road to creating a successful company and I want to share with you my journey along the way. I want this blog to feel raw, unedited. So here it is: Real and Raw by Haley at Londen Productions.

Many people ask me how do I market my business? How do I make a plan? How do I reach my clients and do outreach and distribution? How do I carve out my dreams? How do I manage my time versus work that has to get done? Well I would say that I do a few things, I make a list, network with a few groups: Tyche Tribe which I founded, Christian Business Partners in San Clemente and also participate as an ambassador for the Dana Point Chamber and we advertise on Yelp.

Not sure if you have already, but it would be great for you to follow us on our blog and find us on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In.

Lately, many people say it is hard to run your business with your spouse, but I say without exception that because we are strong partners we are also great at making things work professionally because our passions are united.

Just wanted to share with you some upcoming plans we have with the company and remember positive vibes only.

As you may remember, I am usually behind the scenes but I know it is good for you to see the people behind our company and know what we are up to.

Most of the days are filled with editing, calls, videography and posting to social.
I have two dogs and love them and live in beautiful San Clemente.

Just remember that it is never too late to start writing, to start blogging to start reading, exercising… whatever you miss try to do one of those every day and you will feel accomplished. I finally got off my thyroid medication it was such a relief to know I am healthy, off meds and living organic again.

Some of our goals is to grow a scalable company, hire a part time employee.
Some of my heroes that I believe in.

The latest project we worked on is in Spanish, it is called Alfabetazacion oceanica, and work we are doing with Basura Ben which is here: www.maresfoundation.com, sometimes it is hard to do PR on yourself… but you do it anyways.

Sometimes you think photography is essential at distinguishing that story, but really it isn’t as effective as video marketing.

Everyday I am hustlin, it has been built on relationships, Londen Productions is meant to connect with our community.

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